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Old About Us (before 3/29/17)

As a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I recall happy memories throughout my childhood that include the hallmark dessert of Brazil: brigadeiros. These sweet, gourmet candies, similar to truffles but differently scrumptious, are always served at parties and celebrations in my native land.

After completing my MBA in 2008 and working in the telecommunications industry for several years, I found myself lacking joy and fulfillment in my corporate career. So I decided I needed to do something about it.

My passion for baking and love of culinary art led me to explore a future in the industry. Before embarking on formal training, I offered to volunteer at several locally owned bakeries and pastry shops on the weekends so I could learn more about the trade. After several shops rejected my offer, a high-end French pastry shop finally obliged. I felt like I had landed in my natural element. After serving for a year as an apprentice, I enrolled in the pastry training program at a well-regarded culinary school in New York City, The Institute of Culinary Education. With support and encouragement from my friends and family, especially my husband, I quit my corporate job and moved to New York. I staged in some of the most renowned kitchens in New York while learning from award-winning pastry chefs. I have never looked back since! 

Brigabon is Born

Wanting to bring celebration to everyday moments and inspired by my vibrant Brazilian heritage, I founded Brigabon Confections in 2015. Brigabon specializes in brigadeiros (bree-gah-DAY-rows), Brazil’s most beloved sweet. These creamy, bite-size treats can be compared to soft milk caramels, and they come in a variety of flavors. From birthdays to graduations to weddings and anniversaries, brigadeiros are a staple at every major life celebration in Brazil. For me, these delectable treats conjure feelings of nostalgia. I cherish countless childhood memories with my friends eating brigadeiros by the spoon from a bowl as we told stories, laughed, and played.  

I take great pride in my work, which is why I tirelessly experimented to perfect my family's traditional recipe in order to create a blissful gourmet treat for you to enjoy.

With rich and unexpected fusions of American and Brazilian-inspired flavors, Brigabon provides a deliciously surprising twist to a Brazilian classic. It takes time and love to make the best brigadeiro. At Brigabon Confections, we handcraft every brigadeiro using natural, high-quality ingredients, and source our ingredients from local producers whenever possible. 

The entire creative process for Brigabon Confections has been an amazing experience thus far, not only in the kitchen, but in the design of our brand as well. The chita patterns, or floral designs, that visually depict Brigabon are also very much part of the Brazilian culture. You can spot these colorful patterns everywhere in Brazil, from catwalks to everyday fashion and interior design. They truly are another Brazilian staple. 

Pick your flavors, and we will prepare a box specially for you, a friend or loved one. Creating delicious and memorable treats for you to enjoy is what we do best.

Thank you for letting us share our love of brigadeiros with you! 



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